Udavum Ullangal is a Non Profit, Non Religious and Non Judgemental organization committed and inclined towards the welfare of the community with special emphasis and focus on children, women in distress and in crisis situations by providing them a comprehensive range of services.

The organization takes great pride in meeting the needs of very underprivileged children by providing Shelter, Education, Nutrition, Spiritual and Recreational Support. Though the needs and demands of the children are varied and vast, the organization does it outmost to fulfill them. The organization is well known and is ably supported by a very dedicated team of Trustees, Friends and well wishers.  
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Dear Friends, Trustees, Donors and Well wishers it is an Honor, Blessing and Privilege that by the grace of God, He is continuing to lead us with Udavum Ullangal Minority Educational and Charitable Trust Under the Special Project Vallalar Atharavattore Illam and Other Projects from 2002.Read More…

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